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Project 01: DTC Infotainment Screen - Dubai, UAEDEPLOYMENT, TARGETED, BRANDING


Project 02: Infotainment Screen - MalaysiaCONCEPT, DEVELOPMENT, DEPLOY, BRANDING


Project 03: Lecture Capture SolutionCONCEPT, DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT


Project 04: Innovative Wireless SolutionsRESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, PROTOTYPE


Project 05: Software DevelopmentUX/UI, WEB DEVELOPMENT, ANALYTIC





About Us


Gigalink Solutions Sdn Bhd or GIGALINK is a UTM spin-off company founded by an engineer in 2011 through UTM-MTDC Symbiosis Programme. We intend to perform applied research and innovation in both specific application verticals and the generic platforms. We offer to provide solutions to existing and future needs based on ICT research. Together with partners, customers and users, solutions are developed as new services and products. We aim to spearheading innovative approaches in many ICT projects that we involved. 






We make stuff happen. From theory, dream & concept to test-bed & prototype to deployment & delivery. We try to connect every dot that we found to make it a better solution and more viable. So, we will identify and buy toys that we want to play with from passive components to digital & RF things to software coding. We also play with advanced toys such as cloud-computing and server-client things. We like multimeter, analyzer and other tools too.






We must have a clear overview on our project structure. The possibilities and wishes. The opportunities and threats. The costs and benefits. We ask ourselves the right questions. We do a comprehensive analysis to help us to make these choices. Every project we plan to involve must be viable. The return must always be higher than the investments. Then we will start playing with our toys to make it works. We will identify and utilise all resources that we have. We believe a great ideas are totally a piece of junk unless we start to execute the plan.






We're a small but growing team working together to inspire creativity, to learn new stuffs and to deliver project goals. We have a few engineers, developers, marketers, support and admin.













Project 01: DTC Infotainment Screen - Dubai, UAE

01. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emiratesand is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic. It is also the 3rd busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, the 6th busiest cargo airport in world, the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements, and the busiest airport in the world operating with only two runways. In 2016, DXB handled 83.6 million passengers, 2.59 million tonnes of cargo and registered 418,220 aircraft movements. -Wikipedia












02. DTC Infotainment Screen Project

Du announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Dubai Taxi Corporation, Roads and Transport Authority, to launch WiFi UAE access and smart screens in 500 cars of the Dubai Airport Fleet. This effort is in line with Dubai Government strategy to make Dubai the smartest city in the world, and wholly embodies the Smart Dubai strategy. 

“Our pre-eminent cooperation with du to provide internet connectivity and smart screens across our Dubai Airport fleet truly embodies Smart Dubai strategy to bring innovation and smart living to Dubai,” said Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“The importance of this agreement lies in the consolidation of our partnerships with various parties to improve the quality of services provided to the public – to reach the seven star level Dubai is renowned for. Smart screens will allow the customers to view promotional advertisements, RTA services, and give visitors and tourists information about Dubai’s popular tourist destinations. Moreover, this service will offer customers transparency when it comes to the cost of the journey prior to departing.”

Dr. Al Ali stressed that the project is a part of the RTA’s plans to provide innovative and distinguished services for its customers, while meeting the increasing needs of Dubai residents and visitors in time for Expo 2020.

Carlos Domingo, Chief New Business and Innovation officer, du, said: “As part of our efforts to adopt and deploy the latest services and smart technologies in line with the vision of the wise leadership of Dubai, to make the city the smartest in the world, du is excited to initiate this one-of-a-kind collaboration with Dubai Taxi Corporation. We see it as our responsibility to cooperate with the various entities in the public and private sectors to implement smart services and interconnected networked technologies throughout the city.”

WiFi UAE is a country-wide initiative by du to enable WiFi access to the public, in line with UAE Vision 2021.

The smart screens will be provided through du’s partnership with Malaysian ICT solutions developer, Gigalink Solutions Sdn Bhd for Dubai Airport Taxis.

“We are excited to partner with du in this electrifying opportunity. We believe that our past experiences in similar projects in South East Asian Nations will facilitate us to deliver this initiative to benefit all stakeholders. We would like to thank du and Dubai Taxi Corporation for this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to provide the best solution.” said Gigalink Solutions CEO Muhammad Reduan Bin Abd Lah Sani.


03. The solution

We provide a state-of-the-art solutions to be deployed in this exciting project. The solution consists of hardware and software with advanced scheduling and reporting to manage more than 500 unit of Airport taxi and Limousines.

































04. Dubai Operation


Sultan Ali Sultan Hilal Al Saboosi, 

Flat-301 232/Al Qusais First

P.O. Box: 12727, Dubai, UAE

05. Dubai Inquiry

For advertising request, investors, careers please contact us at



Project 02: Infotainment Screen - Malaysia

01. Indoor Taxi Digital Signage

This is our very first project. Indoor taxi digital advertising platform. We provide a 9" screen inside the taxi which come together with USB charging port and Wi-Fi access for passenger convenient. The screen will display a useful information including news, foreign exchange, business campaign & promotions and places of interest in Malaysia. 


We are proud to have a partnership with Celcom Axiata Berhad in powering our platform with Celcom M2M solutions. The collaboration will ensure our digital contents can be broadcasted to all terminals effectively and efficiently.





02. The Brand

SmartaxiAds is a brand that will promote this advertising platform. The brand is carefully designed to be the next reliable and trusted brand in Malaysia. Your Ads On The Move is our tagline that reflect on what we offered.




03. Technology

Some technologies involved in this project are including cloud-computing, server-client, android, linux, Wi-Fi, 3G (LTE), antenna, firmware-kernel-things and others. We are still learning new stuffs that we can use later to upgrade our total solutions.



04. Features

a. Free Wi-Fi while on the move

We offer a free Wi-Fi access to taxi commuters while on the move. In the exchange of using our free Wi-Fi access, users need to select & connect with our SSID: Smartaxiads-FreeWiFi and need to login by their social media account such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter or email. Then our sponsored ads will appear on user mobile phone screen and user need to click on the ads to get the Wi-Fi access.



b. USB charging port while on the move 

This is another useful feature that welcome a very good feedback from our taxi drivers and their passengers. We provide USB charging port for users convenient. Our USB charging port provide 5V and 1A (voltage & current). We have test the port with many USB-powered smartphone including iPhone (3gs, 5, 5s, etc), iPad, Samsung phones & tablet, Blackberry, Ninetology, etc. We also have tried to charge our power banks and it works!



05. Investors

Are you the investor in ICT field or digital signage or digital media platform? Are you interested in partnering with us to explore this very viable venture in Malaysia and the rest of the world? Contact us now at +603-8957-2824 or to have a cup of coffee with us.




Project 03: Lecture Capture Solution

01. Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is a process that recording classroom's teaching activities into digital format, do some processes & store it somewhere in cloud, so that students can then watch those videos over and over through their pc, laptop or other gadget at their own pace. Contents that were recorded are including lecturer's audio/video and any visual aid involved such as PowerPoint slides, laptop's on-screen activities, whiteboard and document camera.




02. Technology

Some technologies that we use to realize this idea are including cloud computing, server-client, databases, storage, compress/decompress modules, networking-things and higher level interface made by PHP programming language.



03. How it works

It is our mission to archive classroom teaching activities into digital format that later can be reviewed/revised by students at their convenient anywhere anytime. Client software will capture classroom activities and automatically uploading the raw data into server for processing. The server will do data processing, compression, indexing and storing to another server that will interface to end users. Client software is designed to make the capturing process so easy so that teachers will focus on his teaching more, not to focus on how to use the technology. 



04. What else?

We are still working on software development and product testing. Some bugs need to be removed. Some features need to be included. We have also identified a private college that want to implement this technology to archive their assets (lecture sessions). Our simple calculation, for one month teaching sessions, for 50 lecturers, 8 hours daily, 1 hour per class session, 20 days a month, about 1.6TB contents will be archived or 20 TB a year! This college will own a unique digital library for their student and can enhance the teaching methods of their staffs.


Project 04: Innovative Wireless Solutions

01. Our expertise

This is what we love to do and what we are specialised in. We have few researchers headed by an expert Professor specialised in Antenna Design. We have other area of specialisation too including RF and Microwave, Planar and dielectric antenna, active antenna, array antenna, electromagnetic band gap (EBG), left handed metamaterial(LHM), artificial magnetic conductor(AMC), frequency selective surface(FSS) and RF Microwave devices.



02. Technology

Currently, we are focusing on developing various antennas specifically using ISM band 2.4GHz frequency. Monopole, dipole & patch. We are considering to start developing a 3G and LTE antenna for our own used for M2M specific application.



Project 05: Software Development

01. PHP Web Development

Web development is one of our core competencies. We offer web development solutions via the cutting-edge tools and techniques. We combine both creativity and imagination to render the 100% user-friendly and interactive web applications and web solutions. The team of our skilled developers is capable of handling programming and development services, covering the needs of our clients. Our programmers make complete use of this open script programming language to create the pages with dynamic interface. Codes for any given web page are created to be functional as well.



02. UX/UI Design

UI stands for User Interface, it is a design that directs to the user interface to produce a look and feel of the website. UX stands for User Experience that implies a User Experience website. 


03. Our experiences

a) Website development on PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML

b) Business Intelligent visualisation and analytic, Tableau, MixPanel

c) Accounting, Finance and HR modules

d) Project Management CMS

e) Data archiving, Excel/CSV to database

f) IT consulting, networking, Wi-Fi deployment, electronic engineering

Career With Us


We always have our eyes peeled for talented individuals to potentially join our team here in UPM-MTDC Technology Centre III, Serdang, Selangor. Introduce yourself by filling up the career form or contacting us at Who knows, we may be looking for someone just like you!



We don't have any open positions. We're always interested in meeting new people who might be interested in joining our team in the future. If you're a designer, software developer, project manager, hacker, electronic engineer, RF Engineer, sales or HR, Admin & Finance feel free to get in touch with us and inquire about our hiring road-map. Gigalink Solutions Sdn Bhd is an equal-opportunity employer.



We maintain a relaxed office environment

We pride ourselves in finding competent, creative and dependable team members.

Benefits after 90 days:

Medical insurance

Competitive salary

3 weeks of paid vacation (accrued over the year)

Overseas trips

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